The corner of thanks


They say that “born well is to be grateful” and that is the least that can be done with someone who helps you without asking anything in return, so I want to thank these people from this place without whom this project would not have been possible , not even remotely. In the first place to my “grandmother”, who although she is no longer with us, I am sure she would have had all her support and the least I could do was to name the “garden” of her entire life after her, then to my “parents“ Because of the huge mess I got them into overnight, especially my father, the man who worked like the most, doing whatever was necessary without protesting the slightest (and it was a lot), equally to my mother, that the woman was fed up with planting in the gardens so that the wind would carry it away later. Nor can I forget the owners of the “Correntiu”, María Luisa and José Luis, who have helped us get started by sending us people non-stop and giving advice on how this business works, so I prefer not to think about how the beginning would have been. without them, I am always very grateful for all this. Also thank all the people who in one way or another have collaborated in making this project take the form that I had in my head and become a reality, which for them will be very little but for me it has been very important. .
And finally to all the people who have passed and will pass through the apartments, since they are our reason for being and without whom this would not make any sense.

Greetings Juan Díaz